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In 2013, when my youngest son was a High School senior, he had a homework assignment. Write what you believe…. write an “I Believe,” like the examples found on It was touching, well-written, and inspirational. Inspiring me to write my own.

My beliefs?

In Song:

I agree with Stevie Wonder’s, I believe when I fall in love with you it will be forever, providing you is my wife Nancy and forever is the rest of my life.

I also agree with the late Whitney Houston when she sang, I believe that children are our future.

Unlike R Kelly,

I don’t believe I can fly.

Nor do Mr. Kelly and I agree that either of us can touch the sky. I do, however, believe that with enough drugs a person can be under the dangerous misconception that they can fly. I believe that that kind of drug use is dangerous for one’s health and safety.

but enough musings, what is it that I seriously believe?

I Believe

  • I believe in Integrity
  • I believe that what you do counts 10X over what you say
  • I believe life is a long game and cutting corners by abandoning one’s values for short-term gain comes at the expense of long-term success.
  • I believe in leaving things better than I found them.
  • I believe I have a responsibility to speak up when I disagree.
  • I believe that to do otherwise is like not cleaning up after a dog when it “does its business” on the sidewalk.
  • I believe in the healing power of fun and laughter.
  • I believe if you are comfortable you are not growing.
  • I believe if you are not pushing the edges you are not making a difference.
  • I believe that if you make noise you will offend some.
  • I believe you are not making a difference if you are loved by all.
  • I believe if you’re not creating some friction, you’re not adding value.
  • I believe that I should choose my friends wisely for I am judged by the company I keep.


  • I believe that I am my father’s son.
  • He helped form me and make me who I am.
  • I believe I am a father whose proudest achievement and most cherished job is passing that baton to my sons.
  • I believe in caring.

In what do you believe?

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