1-On-1 Coaching

Monthly 1-on-1 coaching and accountability sessions where we set goals, develop strategies, and challenge your plans. You will make commitments, and I’ll hold you accountable. Coaching will increase your effectiveness, drive higher top-end revenue performance, and increase your effectiveness, and profitability.

  • Program Goals:
    • Create a safe, confidential, non-judgmental space to discuss business objectives, needs, obstacles and to develop plans, agree on action plans and commitment dates to improve performance
    • Develop and improve your effectiveness as a leader
    • Improve the cohesiveness and effectiveness of your business

Cost: $400 per hour

CEO Peer Group

A safe place to let down your shields and share your plans, your obstacles, your fears, and your desires with a group of professionals whose only agenda is to support you as you support them.

  • Goals
    • solve each other’s pressing problems
    • support each other through tough times
    • provide unbiased council
    • fill the vacuum of loneliness that surrounds leaders

Cost: $600 per month, no contract, no initiation fee, and 90 day notice to cancel.

Training Classes and Speaking

Learn how to do it right by working with a successful professional who’s been there and done that. Training is available for individuals, private groups, or contact me to find an affordable, regularly scheduled public class.

  • Topics:
    • Customer Discovery
    • Intentional Leadership
    • Using Neuroscience To Develop Sales And Marketing Strategies That Deliver Results
    • Raising Capital
    • Developing and Delivering Effective Presentations
    • Just-In-Time Strategic Planning

Cost: Connect for a pricing quote.