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Who’s responsible for driving revenue in your company? In most small businesses the CEOs typically wear multiple hats.  Arrive at work in the morning and put on the CEO hat, one hour later try on the COO hat, then switch to Marketing and then to Sales.  It’s exciting, challenging, and fun and all too often it provides a CEO a great place to hide?

Let’s look at that big 10-gallon cowboy hat.. the sales hat.  That’s a great hat to wear when huge contracts are coming in the door and business is flowing like Niagara Falls.  Yet, there is no worse hat to be caught wearing when the landscape is barren and rainmaking has yet to begin.  Make a cold call? Go to a networking event?  Or maybe you could put on that old marketing hat and tinker with the new marketing plan.

The issue is that in most small businesses it’s probably a good idea to have 1 person solely responsible for making your revenue nut. Someone needs to have their butt on the line for the sole responsibility of making rain. Someone needs to wake up every day that says to themself, “if I’m not driving revenue and out of a job.”

Where does the buck stop on driving revenue in your company?  Is there a person in your company who has no place to run and hide from the responsibility of making your revenue nut?

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