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Today, I received the following message on LinkedIn or should I call it SpammedIn?

From: Guy Who Can’t Read, who is a 2nd-degree connection giving me the 3rd-degree

His Profile Description: We help coaches go from selling low ticket one on one packages to filling high ticket programs/masterminds consistently using our Elevated Coaches Academy blueprint.

Message: I found your profile while looking up some other consultants I know and wanted to share what we are doing with consultants that might have a great impact on you!

Blah Blah Blah, and then:

Here’s the “Pitch” don’t huff at me you knew it was coming!

and from there, it actually went on with additional Blah Blah Blah Blahs for about 3 more paragraphs of which I won’t bore you because I didn’t bore myself reading past paragraph one.

What’s wrong with this? I mean besides everything.

  1. Didn’t Listen: If you actually found my profile on LinkedIn, did you read the part that’s highlighted in the image above that said, “Helping entrepreneurs turn dreams into reality? I love to connect with people, so feel free to connect unless you’re selling franchises, business development, or marketing services or want me to invest in your company.”
  2. Didn’t Quickly Get My Interest: It’s too long. He didn’t immediately get my attention, and I didn’t bother reading it past the 1st paragraph, so I can’t tell you what happened after the Blah Blah Blah.
  3. Failed Product Demo: Finally, who does business with Boneheads? Here is a clown who approached me the way I specifically asked not to be approached. Why would I want him to do business with someone who can’t read? And why would I hire him to piss off prospective customers the same way he pissed me off? I don’t need any help pissing people off… thank you very much.

So let me address all three points

  1. Listen, Learn, Research: The important thing about selling is to listen more than spew. This fellow was a spray and prayer, and he didn’t care about me and my needs. If he read my stuff and learned more about me, he may have had better luck. Great salespeople listen more than they speak. They listen to the prospect or research them and speak to them as individuals. Maybe he should have followed me and commented on my content. Liked all the stupid stuff I’ve done and then asked just to connect.
  2. Get Prospects Attention Right Up Front: Get the prospect’s attention right up front. Maybe by lying and saying, Wow! I love what you write, for instance, that article you wrote about spammers on LinkedIn. It was brilliant. Would love to connect sometime. Get the person’s attention and assume they aren’t going to read past the second blah of your blah blah blah.
  3. Demonstrate Expertise and Not Incompetence: If your product is centered on building a pipeline of prospects, then annoying a prospect to the point where they write an article about it is like trying to sell a boat and during the demonstration, the boat sinks the instant it hits the water. Guess what? I don’t want a submarine… I want a boat.

So folks, a show of hands! How many of you answer the phone when you don’t recognize the number, read and reply to spam emails or LinkedIn messages (by the way, for those of you with hands raised, you can put them down. I was only kidding; I can’t see your hand from here)?

There’s got to be a better way. Perhaps you should use the online dating model. You don’t find a profile on Hinge, Tinder, or FarmersOnly (or maybe you do on FarmersOnly. Not that there is anything wrong with farmers), and make your first pitch, “hey, great profile, let’s get married!”

You do a little research, you get to know the person, you develop a relationship, you do a little one-on-one selling, and then maybe you pop the question.

But if you want to remain a celibate confirmed bachelor, just ignore the profile and go straight for the proposal.

I’m a business coach, and instead of my bombarding you with unwanted phone calls, LinkedIn msgs, or emails, I’ll just leave this hear. If you’re interested in finding out what it’s like to work with a coach who listens and asks questions. If you would like a thinking, accountability partner. Try a complimentary coaching call by pressing the button below.

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