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Hi, Glen Hellman here with another reading for my new book, Intentional Leadership, which you can order today on Amazon. In this reading, I will outline the 10 signs that you are an exceptional leader.

  1. You don’t have to be present to be present.
  2. You understand that the only time there’s an “I” in Leadership is when you take responsibility for failure.
  3. Your team knows what you would do in any situation – and they do it when you’re not around.
  4. You understand that listening is the most essential aspect of communication.
  5. You never know enough.
  6. You have the courage to make difficult decisions and do what’s right.
  7. You’ll clean the toilets.
  8. You’re hard on issues, not on people.
  9. You’re the same person when people are watching and when they’re not.
  10. You have followers.

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