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Once there was a leader named Sam
Whose leadership style was quite grand
She led with kindness and grace
And always found time to embrace
The unique talents of each and every hand

Sam knew that great leaders must listen
To the thoughts and ideas of those they are glistening
So she gathered her team and asked them to speak
And together they found solutions sleek

Sam also understood that mistakes will be made
But instead of getting angry or feeling betrayed
She used them as learning opportunities to grow
And helped her team members find a way to go
Forward with confidence and grace

Under Sam’s leadership, the team found success
They worked together and always did their best
And when challenges came, they faced them head on
Because they knew that Sam’s leadership had won
Their trust and respect and they were never alone

So if you want to be a leader like Sam
Remember to listen, embrace unique talents, and understand
That mistakes are simply opportunities to grow
And with kindness and grace, you’ll surely know
The path to success and be a leader of grand

Written by OpenAI ChatGPT with the instructions:

Write a leadership blog post in the style of
Dr. Suess