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I’m on LinkedIn to connect to people I know. To connect to people in my ecosystem and to serve as a reference point, for people with whom I interact in business. It’s how they can check on my background. Want to check on my background? Do it here.

I am not on LinkedIn to get a date! LinkedIn is not Tinder. There is only one reason to be on Tinder and that’s to meet a mate. You don’t go on Tinder if you’re happily married, well maybe you do, but I don’t.

Every day I get numerous reach outs from LinkedIn members regarding the following subjects:

  • Investing In A Startup
  • Offering me SEO services, Web Site Redesign, Advertising, and PR opportunities
  • Sales Development Services
  • Buying Into a Franchise

Do you know what I’d do if I was looking to invest in startups? I’d join an angel group. I’d talk to my VC contacts and ask if they had any interesting prospects. You know what I wouldn’t do? Invest in someone who approached someone like me who doesn’t want to invest in them and publically states their lack of interest in startup investing.

Do you know what I’d do if I needed marketing services? I’d ask friends who they use. I’d fire up the old Google Machine and ask for recommendations while avoiding the first few listings that paid to play. Do you know what I wouldn’t do? Accept someone’s blind reach out to me on LinkedIn.

Do you know what I’d do if I needed someone to annoy people who don’t want to be sold sales development services on LinkedIn? I’d hire the people who annoyed me to annoy others. I wouldn’t hire someone because they approached me on LinkedIn. I don’t need to pay to get new customers. (I use linked in for that… hahaha… I jest)

I’m nearly at full capacity right now. I love what I do. You know what I wouldn’t want to do? Start a new business and buy into a franchise. For some people who want to be entrepreneurs and have no idea how to start and run a business, Franchises might be great for you. They’re not for me. I have a business and it’s doing just fine, thank you. Also, there are some issues with franchises (Want a laugh? This video is pretty funny unless you bought a Subway franchise).

You know who I’d never buy from? People who reach out on LinkedIn, and ignore my profile. Especially the people who say, “hey you have an awesome profile, I was wondering if you thought about owning a franchise?” These people obviously didn’t read my “awesome profile,” or they would have read my headline which reads,

“Helping entrepreneurs turn dreams into reality. I love to connect with people, so feel free to connect unless you’re selling franchises, business development or marketing services, or want me to invest in your company.”

Now maybe this is just me, but if someone said don’t contact me if you want me to buy a franchise, I wouldn’t say, “I love your profile but I didn’t read it, and therefore I’m asking if you want to buy something you specifically said you don’t want to buy.”

LinkedIn can be a great sales tool if used correctly. It’s a great way to target prospects. It’s a great way to gather intelligence on an industry and potential customers. There are ways to engage prospective clients without directly reaching out to them with an unwanted message. For instance, you could write a blog like this and post it on LinkedIn, like I just did (happy to strategize this with you in a coaching session).

Hey, I met my wife on She and I were there to meet a mate… a match. So when I reached out to her, it was on a site where she opted-in to meet a mate. I didn’t opt-in to LinkedIn so people can sell me stuff I don’t want or beg me to lose money by donating to their bonehead startup idea (hint if you’re raising money on LinkedIn, I wouldn’t invest in you when I was investing).

Hold that thought, Glen… I’ve got a great idea, I’m going over to go to to sell coaching services!!!! Maybe… not.

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Now I’m going to LinkedIn to reach out to a bunch of people who don’t want a coach!

I’m an executive coach, If you’d like to experience what it’s like to work with an executive coach, you can schedule a complimentary one-hour coaching session here. If you think working with me is a horrible idea, drop me a line and leave your LinkedIn link, and I’ll send you a note on LinkedIn and ask if you would like me to be your coach.