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There are three kinds of people: 1) Those that can count and, 2) Those that can’t.

Tis a rare occasion when people can be accurately sorted into binary buckets. We, humans, are more complex than that. Most of our traits can’t simply be placed into an all-in or all-out bucket. Our traits are more accurately charted on a continuum, a scale with a dominant trait that has more influence over a recessive trait.

Some people get their energy from things and some people derive their energy from people. My latest scientific research* shows that 92% of all engineers fall into the bucket of those who derive their energy from things while 74% of marketeers derive their energy from people.

The danger of this is that engineers have a tendency to build that which gives them energy. Building the thing that is a challenge to build. They’ll build a Segway, because it’s an interesting intellectual exercise, a significant technical achievement. They’re there thinking, “wouldn’t it be cool to build that,” even though people, consumers, buyers, don’t need or want one. Some humans may focus on the “We Could” build this equation without enough attention to the “We Should.”

On the other hand, marketeers focus on the “We Should,” build that. They focus on what people would buy and don’t worry about the engineers who say “We Can’t,” just for the silly excuse that it is not technically feasible to build that thing.

The lesson here…… I’ve seen many things built that can be built but shouldn’t. I’ve seen some things that should be built, where people have stated an intention to build said things and yet haven’t for a silly little obstacle like, it wasn’t possible to build it.

This can be avoided if the people who derive their energy from things would socialize with the folks who get energy from people. People-Persons should not shy away from the “Things-Folks,” the idea people. The Things-Folks are the Ying to the People-Persons Yang.

Not everything that should be built can be built and not everything that can be built should be built. What needs to be built is a bridge between the People-People and the Thing-People. Together they’ll figure it out.

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*Note about the scientific method used for this research: Based on the Fox News data science method of research. I surveyed 5 people in a Starbucks and 2 people in a Tattoo Parlor, then tabulated the answers, and then threw away the results because I could not reconcile the data with the point I wanted to illustrate. So I then licked my finger and held it up to the wind but still not satisfied with the results, I was forced to reach back into my butt to pull out a statistically scientifically accurate answer. Of additional note: A small statistically insignificant sample of engineers derive their energy from the TV show “The Mandolorian,” while a similar number of marketeers derived their energy from online porn. Starbucks, Red Bull, and Succession were all cited as sources of energy from both groups in similar numbers to provide no differentiating factors.