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That’s right…I asked are you coachable? Here’s a test:

  1. Do you know who is buried in the tomb of the unknown soldier?
  2. Do you know who is buried in Grant’s tomb?
  3. Do you want to want to know why Grant was buried in New York City?

if your answers were:

  1. No
  2. Yes
  3. Yes

You’re coachable.

Here’s another test.

When doing laundry (chose one of the following):

  1. I clean the dryer filter after each wash load
  2. I clean the dryer filter before each wash load
  3. What’s a dryer filter

If you chose #1 or #2 you’re coachable.

I’m an executive coach and I’ve worked with the uncoachable. I’ve worked with the know-it-alls, with the know-nothings, with the know-nothing know-it-alls. I’ve worked with the invincible and the people mired in a perpetual dark cloud, the non-curious, the arrogant, and as a coach, I’ve failed.

Now I don’t like to fail. So I’ve learned that there are certain attributes that lead to a beneficial coaching relationship. Coachable excutives have several attributes in common, they:

  1. never stop learning
  2. can never know enough
  3. always want to do better
  4. are not always right
  5. are curious
  6. are inclusive
  7. can stand the truth

Are You Coachable?

If you think you are up to it, and you’re willing to be challenged. Let’s find out if you’re coachable. Let’s try a free complimentary coaching session. Let’s see how you stand up to tough questions, to be challenged, to be held accountable. Are you coachable? Chances are if you’re wired for success you’re coachable. Set up a complimentary coaching session and let’s see if you’re worthy of coaching and I’m worthy to be your coach.