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HBR recently surveyed 140 Business Coaches, the resulting survey was then reviewed by respondents and “five experts.” Here are the findings

The Headlines of the HBR Business Coach Study

  1. The Bar Must Be Raised – Coaches shouldn’t be able to just hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach. Experience and Training Count.
  2. Fixing Toxic Corporate Culture Major Driving Force – Over the last decade, coaches were engaged to fix the toxic behavior of corporate leaders.
  3. Development of Top Performers – Companies are realizing that offering coaches to top performers is a wise investment.
  4. Blurred Lines – Coaches and clients should be aware of the difference between a business coach and a therapist.
  5. Gaining Legitimacy – Coaching is more and more being acknowledged as providing value.
  6. Buyer Beware – Check out references, experience, training before hiring a coach.

HBR Business Coach by the numbers


HBR Business Coach Buying Guidelines

Other HBR Business Coach Study Findings

Ingredients of a successful coaching relationship

  1. Is the executive highly motivated to change – the best coaching recipients are green and growing, lifelong learners.
  2. Good chemistry between coach and client is essential.
  3. The C-suite needs must be committed to retaining and developing coached executives.
  4. Shifting focus – expect the original purpose of engaging a coach to shift.

Food for Thought

My experience of over a decade of business coaching and training find the HBR Business Coach Study to be an accurate representation. Coaches make a difference. The chemistry between coach and coachee and the coachees willingness to change are two major factors in the success of a business coaching relationship. When selecting a coach it’s important to consider if the coach has a relevant business experience… if for example, you are a CEO, was your coach ever a CEO? Does your coach have a clear methodology? Does your potential coach have high-quality clients?

Want to find out what coaching is all about? Want to see if I could be the right coach for you or are you just curious about what does it feel like to be coached? Let’s see if you and I have the chemistry for a profitable coaching relationship. Find out if you want to change or if you only tell yourself you are willing to change. Make a change to improve your performance. Try a complimentary, no-obligation, online one-on-one coaching session by scheduling a Skype coaching session. Press that little green button down there.