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There are three types of leaders. Those That:

  1. Know Who is Buried in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier – These people take no council. They need no advice. They know all and have no need to learn more. They are perfect… in their own mind.
  2. Don’t Know Who is Buried in Grant’s Tomb – These people are open to advice, yet, they tend to have the same issue over and over again.
  3. Want to Know Why Grant is Buried in NYC – Curious people, green and growing, these people never know enough. They listen, they learn, and yet they are decisive and disciplined (by the way, here’s why Grant is Buried on the Island of Manhattan).

I work with Type 3 leaders. Type 1 leaders don’t need any coaching… they are happy to fail on their own.  Type 2 leaders are beyond help. I’ve tried to work with a few type 2’s and after banging my head against the wall, I’ve cut them loose.

While on the subject of placing people in buckets, here is another predictor of behavior.

Three types of people predicted by how they behave while washing clothes. Those that:

  1. clean the dryer filter after they complete the wash.
  2. clean the dryer filter before they complete the wash
  3. say, “dryer filter?”

What does it predict?

  1. These people are optimistic, they believe they have a future and in that future, they will do the wash again. They are conscientious and disciplined.
  2. These folks are more pessimistic. I’ll save energy, who knows if I will be alive do a wash tomorrow. They are pragmatic and not obsessive-compulsive.
  3. They may live with their moms, or maybe they wear filthy clothes, or maybe their homes are about to burn down in a fire caused by an overheated drier filled with flammable lint.

Enough musings, let me say that if you’re a curious, green, and growing leader. If you can never learn enough and if you know you’re not the best leader you can be, hiring a coach to help is probably for you.  Want to learn and grow with a free coaching session? Schedule it here.