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Focus Entrepreneurial Energy… essential for the win.

Starting a company, building an enterprise of value, succeeding in business requires energy….focused, persistent, energy. Focus Entrepreneurial Energy… where it matters.

Starting a company is like running a hundred meter dash…. Waste energy, look to the right instead of straight ahead. Take a step to the left instead of straight ahead and you lose. You’re done.

It’s like riding a mountain bike down a treacherous, steep and rocky path…. Take your eye off the front wheel… look up to watch a bird and get thrown off your bike.

Only 20 percent of every company will be in business five years after starting…. Do everything right and you can still fail. Formulate the best strategy and you can still lose. Get a lucky break or two and you are still not guaranteed a win.

Yet many founders spend more time promoting themselves instead of their businesses. Promoting themselves in communities of peers instead of communities of prospects.  Expend energy in non-forward movement, waste precious resources, and get your tail whooped.

Here’s the thing, a baseball player with a .300 batting average has less chance of getting a hit in one at-bat than a player with a .150 batting average who gets 10 at-bats. Every wasted step is one less at-bat. Every wasted step is another strike-out.

Every ounce of energy wasted on building community or personal reputation versus company building is a loss at-bat. Every pitch to the local press to build personal fame is a swing and a miss for your company.

Want to be famous… Want it to be about you? Hand your company off to someone who will care for it and you can go run for political office. Go make yourself famous. Want to be successful? Spend all your energy up at the plate, swinging at pitches. Focus your energy on things that matter… your business… your team…. and your family.

…and when you’ve made it…when you are the next Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk…personal fame will come from what you’ve built and not how you promoted yourself. When your ship is a juggernaut…. cutting through the ocean at full speed you can delegate people to swing the company bat… you can take time and devote resources to give back to the community or make yourself famous.

Just please build something great before you give back. Have something to give back before you give back. Build something of worth first for your family, for your team, and for the community.

Build a company and your reputation grows with the company. Build reputation first and you’re cheating yourself… you’re wasting one of your few chances at-bat.

Want help keeping focused? Want to discuss and plan how you focus your entrepreneurial energy? Want to ensure you’re working on that that matters? Work with a coach.  Want to know what coaching feels like? Try a coaching session on for size here with a complimentary, one-hour, no-obligation, online coaching session.  Press that little red button down there to schedule. Let’s focus entrepreneurial energy where it matters for you.