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I’m a brilliant guy! I’m abusiness superstar. I know this because yesterday I went into an important meeting with no preparation. In fact, I winged it. And you know what? It went off without a hitch! It was a raging success….. and that’s how it started.

Then a few yesterdays laters, I didn’t prepare again and it was still a great outcome and then another and finally, I stopped prepping. Sure not every meeting I’ve had since then was a success. But no one bats a thousand.  I don’t see any reason to waste my time with this whole prep thing. I can wing and win anything. I’m a wingman! I’m good…… I’m really good.

But you know what? The difference between a good 275 batting average and a great 325 is one extra hit per 20 times at-bat. Just that little 5% edge takes someone from good to great.  Just another 15 minutes per day at batting practice. Just a little speed training. There’s not much between good to great.

Many times good is good enough and yet it only takes a small difference to beat the other guy. You only have to be 1% better to win. Just 49.5 versus 50.5 percent.

How many of Mr. Brilliant’s southbound meetings would have 180’d if I’d spent 15 minutes prepping. If I just wrote down what I wanted out of the meeting. If I’d checked the other participant’s linked-in page? If I wrote down the 3 most important questions I wanted to ask. Just a small change could move my success needle. So hello, my name is Glen and I’m a Wingman and I’ve been clean for 48 hours. Just 11 steps in this process to go…….

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