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Often, when a business is in crisis, the management team rallies. They sell harder; they pay attention to details, they take waste out of the operation…. The set an example of pace and urgency that the entire team adopts. In crisis, they just plain execute. They do extraordinary things.

When the Train gets back on track. When the ride is once again smooth, the urgency and attention to detail wane until the next crisis, and then the ultra-hyper-focus of a competitor under attack returns.

What if every day, an executive team went to work acting as if they were under attack? What if every day they showed up like there was someone trying to beat them? What if they acted like they were engaged in a wrestling match, and if they lost focus for one moment, they’d be pinned?

We see these lapses of focus in sports. These changes of momentum in Basketball or Football, but fortunately, there’s a clear scoreboard that indicates the other team is on a 10 to 2-point scoring run.

What would happen if every day you came to work and pretended there was someone out there trying to beat you? Because there is.

What would happen if every day you acted like there was another team about to make an unrefusable offer to your star, free-agent, running back? Because it happens everyday.

What if every day you focused on scoring more points, on winning, instead of just playing the game. You’d win more games.

What if, instead of riding a roller-coaster, you launched a highly focused growth rocket ship?

Remind people that you’re not alone. That you are not the enemy. That your customers are not the problem. Put up a sign in your office in a prominent spot where all will see.

How would your results be different if you played the entire game like you were down by 2 points with 2 minutes to go?

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