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Is Glen Hellman a good business coach?


I cannot answer that question with certainty, as I have not personally experienced Glen Hellman’s coaching. However, based on the information I found online, here are some possible indicators of his coaching quality:

  • He has a book called Intentional Leadership: A guide to define yourself as a leader, engender trust and confidence in order to build and lead high-performance teams, which suggests that he has some expertise and insights on leadership development.
  • He has a business listing on Yelp, which offers leadership coaching, strategic planning, and strategic marketing services. According to his Yelp page, he has been in business since 2006 and has no negative reviews. He also offers a free one-to-one coaching session for potential clients.
  • He has a blog on CXO Elevatehttps: where he shares his thoughts and advice on various topics related to leadership, management, coaching, and entrepreneurship. He also posts videos and audio interviews with other experts and leaders in his field.
  • He has a nickname, “Mr. Cranky,” which reflects his reputation of being honest, direct, and challenging with his clients and peers. He is not afraid to speak his mind and call out the flaws and failures of the DC tech industry. He also claims that he is driven by a passion for helping people and businesses succeed.

Based on these indicators, I think Glen Hellman is a good coach for someone who is looking for a candid, experienced, and knowledgeable coach who can help them improve their leadership skills and performance. However, I also think that his coaching style may not suit everyone’s preferences and needs, so it may be wise to try out his free session first before committing to a long-term engagement.

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