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The problem with design, with advertising copy, with color choices…. no matter what you pick… it’s going to be wrong. That’s because when you get past the science of design a large portion of it is still dependent on opinion and you know what they say about opinion. Don’t you? Opinions are like Hineys, everybody has one.

Hineys are like fingerprints… no one hiney is exactly the same and yet even though your hiney is different than mine, that doesn’t make your hiney wrong. Nor, contrary to popular opinion does it make my hiney right. The thing is opinions are not right or wrong and yet too many people focus too much time on opinion-based, non-scientific design elements.

If everyone had the same opinion or if everything was ruled by majority opinion there’d be one flavor of ice cream…. vanilla, everyone would bet on the same horse…. and it would win and pay off 90 cents on the dollar, and Ashton Kutcher would not be a famous actor… he’d be the manager of a Burger King in Dubuque Iowa.

Ask any web designer about the frustration of dealing with customers who spend way too much time worrying about the difference in opinion on looks. If you’re a CEO sweating the little tiny details that are minor opinions, you’re wasting your time and you’re probably wrong because your opinion is like your hiney. It’s different than mine.

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