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CEOs spend much of their time on the What – defining, and refining product.

Most spend even more time on the How – Operations, how to develop, manufacture, sell and support products and services.

Typically CEOs I poll spend 15% or less of their time on the Why. Tackling the real questions and challenges that will push their companies to the next level. Questions like:

“How will my competitors react?”

“What kind of workplace is going to attract the right kind of employees?”

“What if we redefined everything?”

“What am I missing?”

“Should I look for companies to acquire?”

Leaders who spend more time thinking about “why” versus “how” and “what” excel because the “why” represents the purpose, belief, or cause that drives their actions and decisions. Understanding the “why” can help leaders make more meaningful and impactful decisions, as well as inspire and motivate their team to achieve a shared vision. By contrast, the “how” and “what” focus more on the means and ends, and can sometimes distract from the larger purpose. That’s not to say that “how” and “what” aren’t important, but the “why” should be the foundation upon which these other elements are built.

It is this “Why” thinking that separates great companies from myehhhh companies. You started your company with Why Thinking. The same Why you built that thing thinking about that now has you stuck in the What and the How of it.

So be aware of your why time. Schedule some of it in your day. Be conscious of it. Do more of it because it is in these why times that you’re greatness is defined. When I work with CEOs, we work in Why Time. Schedule your quality why time with me in a complimentary, 1 hour, online, one-on-one coaching session.