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Effective business leaders lead with the head and the heart.

The Head

When a business leader is developing a strategic plan, executing tactics, or managing finances, they are managing a business. They are leading with their head. Managers lead with the head.

People who run businesses solely with their heads may get what they pay for, may have a team that meets expectations.

When running a business solely with the head, one and one equals two. That’s perfectly acceptable. That will get you an A in math class. Math class is all about the head.

The Heart

Leaders lead with the heart. Leaders communicate their strategic plan as a vision that inspires followers. Leaders listen with their heads and their hearts. They understand the real meaning behind the words that are spoken. They hear with their ears and their hearts.

When running a business-led by your heart, you may inspire, you may get more than you expect. When a leader is triggered and they lash out… before the head can govern an appropriate response… business can suffer.

Soley-heart-run businesses can be a roller coaster ride of results. They can outperform, meet or underperform expectations. It’s a wildcard. This ain’t no math class… it’s more like a game of craps… sometimes you get sevens… other times you get snake eyes.

Blending the Head and the Heart

Great leaders blend the head and the heart. When the heart gets triggered by an action, an incident, a comment, a good leader feels what they feel, and before reacting, lashing out, showing anger, they let the head determine the next course of action. Sometimes anger is called for, sometimes a calm and warm response. They lead with the heart strategically tempered with the head.

The best leaders inspire with their hearts and manage with their heads.  Great leaders are dependable, they do what they say, they manage expectations. They don’t let their emotional roller-coasters take the team for a ride.

A great leader gets more from their team than their team ever knew they could give. A leader that blends the right mix of head and heart gets more from their team than the sum of the parts. Great leaders are accretive (which is a head and not a heart word).

Head and Heart Audit

Which type of leader are you? Who helps ensure you are thinking with your heart and your head. Who challenges your actions, your thoughts, and your plans? I’m an executive coach. It is my job to have you look in the mirror and see yourself through head and heart.  Want to know what that feels like?  Try a complimentary coaching session by signing up here. Trust your heart that says, press that little green button.